Leadership Visibility

Corporate Woman on stage addressing a large audience.

Leadership Visibility

Ready to take on a bigger challenge? And be visible with the People You Lead?
Being Visible as a Leader can feel like standing on stage in the spotlight.
Uncomfortable and for some your worst working day ever!

Being visible means your People know what you look like. You’d be surprised how many people work for you but would not recognise you in the corridor.

It also means crafting your message to them, so Your People Know What You Stand For and they are aligned with that and with you (in a work context).

Visibility as a Leader also requires a sense of approachability. No you don’t want everyone coming to your office, but you do want them to feel connected to the purpose of your world of work. They need just like you do, an Understanding and a Reward to do the work to achieve the Mission, the Vision, the Strategic Direction. And salary or wages is not enough to motivate higher performance.

Ask yourself how many of your frontline people know how they contribute to the loftier statements of the Company’s Vision and Annual Report?

Food for Leadership Thought.

October 8, 2023 © Leaders People Follow

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